Dan Schwartz 90 Seven Design
SAHF Home Page

SAHF Home Page: http://www.sahfnet.org

SAHF Links Page

SAHF Resources of Links: http://www.sahfnet.org/links/index.html

SAHF Properties Map

SAHF Properties Map: http://www.sahfnet.org/map.html


Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future (SAHF) came to me in need of a new website. So this was the design I came up with based on their requirements. There are 5 main sections plus an additional ‘Members Only’ section that requires a login.

The home page showcases new announcements, their member organizations and provides a link to an interactive map of member properties.

The links section allows a visitor to sift through hundreds of related sites by topic/subject or by the state it’s affiliated with.

The properties map page allows a user to click on any state and see the associated properties or to see properties listed alphabetically by city. A combination of jquery and an image maps was used for the interactivity.

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