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Hi! 90 Seven Design is a site I (Dan Schwartz) built to showcase my design and user interaction work – separate from my artwork. I am a classically trained designer who in the past 10 years has found more and more demand for my ability to clearly visualize a complete web based application.

In other words, I can help design and build your web site or application. I’ve got a lot of experience – building my first site back in ’97 (thus ’90 Seven’ Design), and I’m very flexible. Wherever you need help - from wire-framing, to new design mockups to super clean implementation in html and CSS I can hop right in.

I am a one-man shop with a full-time day job, so that means I will carefully consider any freelance job request to make sure I can best serve everyone.


How do you get started? Contact me! In a nutshell for a brand new project we’ll discuss what your goals are, then I’ll create some wireframes that show the overall flow of your project, followed by several design mockups of what the finished project will look like, and then I’ll get down to the nitty-gritty of building out your site.


I like to keep things neat and uncomplicated. My html is as bare bones and semantically correct as possible and my CSS is tested to work across all modern browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome and – grudgingly – Internet Explorer) on both Windows and Mac OS X. This means that everybody gets a good experience.

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